Great Facts about Beer You Should Know To Impress Everyone at any Celebrations

Parties are always fun to have and it’s prevalent anywhere. Regardless if it’s a celebration for a corporate product launch or a simple birthday party, we always find ways to make an impression among our visitors. When you usually go to parties, you probably have observed in parties a trend of forming small groups and providing some facts about random topics to sound cool and smart. It’s needed to have unbeatable knowledge on a specific topic to gain all of that attention. Now, what can be better than providing a lecture about something that all partygoers love? In parties, wine and beer are some of the most talked-about topics in these kinds of gatherings. Thus, take this opportunity and allow those people to be educated at something that they don’t know, but you do. Relish the attention that you can have by spitting facts about beer:

You don’t really need to use a fridge to chill your beer

Yes, you’ve read that right. In fact, you can discard your freezer now. To get a great chilled beer, all you have to look for is some salt and ice and put it in a bowl. Put your beer within the bowl and try stirring it for some time. That will do the trick to have your beer chilled. But, don’t actually throw your freezer. If you do, how will you make ice then?

Snow is the best selling beer in the world

The best-selling beer in the world is known as Snow Beer, which is manufactured in China. Although, it’s sad that some places around the world may not try Snow Beer since it is not available everywhere. However, what’s the harm in trying? Why don’t you contact your trusted service provider for beer and liquor store delivery within your area and try to check with them if they can give you something like the Snow Beer? If they can, then be prepared to taste something as amazing as the Snow Beer. 

North Dakota drinks beer the most

Way back 2013, North Dakota placed 1st in the number of beer taken per individual, which reached nearly 44 gallons. New Hamshire came next and then Montana based on a survey performed by the 24/7 Wall Street Magazine. 

Beer cans were invented during 1933

Krueger—a brewery—collaborated with a canning firm to pack the 1st Krueger special beer. But, this beer just had 3.2 percent of ABV because the legal guidelines didn’t allow more during that time. 

George Washington knew how to craft beer

This is true. In fact, he owned a particular notebook wherein he listed down a full recipe on how to make a “small beer,” as he named it. George Washington kept it with him while he’s in the Indian and French wars during the 1700s. Although, this beer was generally composed of Molasses and was intended only for the servants. 

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